Monday, June 4, 2012

I walked into a military exercise in my front yard on Monday

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I'm gonna make this short - I tried to post last night but it timed me out before I could post. First off, I don't buy into most of the conspiracy theories and I've never seen a UFO or anything like that. But you ain't gonna believe what happened Monday night.

I live on the outskirts of Cherryville, NC. Little town in the sticks. No military bases around here and the closest Guard Armory is on the other side of the county. Monday night, at about 2:30, I went outside to smoke. And while I'm standing there I hear someone running down the street in front of my house. I turn to my right, look up the street and I see a glow stick flopping up and down, attached to a soldier. Yeah, a freaking soldier. The dude is humping it down the road like he's being chased. I yelled for him to stop and he jogs across my yard and walks right up to me and introduces himself - says his name is Sergeant Carr. I shook the guy's hand and asked him what was going on and he says "we're running an exercise." So I say "is everything all right?" And he says "yes" and I say "so nothing is going on, nothing's wrong?" and he says "no, nothing's wrong, we're running an exercise" and he says he has to go. Friendly dude, completely lucid. The thing is he's in full battle rattle. I mean light gray digital camo BDUs, a big ruck on his back that looked full to me, a glow stick on the front of his harness AND he's carrying an M4 slung down under his right arm.

Since nothing like this EVER happens around here I was shocked and didn't think to ask the guy 20 questions.

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