Monday, July 30, 2012

10 Tips for gun control advocates.

Via Robert

Democratic Underground

#1 The gun show loophole, as you wish to define it, does not exist. Every law that applies outside gun shows applies inside the doors. Federal Firearms Licensees (a.k.a., gun dealers or FFLs) at a gun show must fill out their ATF Form 4473s and do their FBI background (NICS) checks just as if they were at their shops (or their homes for that matter). Only private sales do not have these restriction at gun shows, they also do not have them outside of gun shows.

#2 Internet gun sales are subject to the same regulations and background checks as purchases from a gun shop. If you purchase a gun online, it has to be shipped to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer, and you must pass the same legal checks to pick it up.

#3 You are constantly mis-defining the word Regulated as it appears in the 2A. As used by the writers of the 2nd it is defined : "properly functioning , orderly, and quite predictable, as in, to regulate a clock." It has nothing to do with control, it just meant that the people should train with their weapons. You're trying to apply the word "regulation" as we use it now to "regulate" as the writers used it then. Words change, or have multiple meanings. The word "regulate" wasn't used as you are defining it until 1828. See: Websters Dictionary 1806 & 1828, & Dictionary of Word Origins by John Ayto. Of course, I guess its possible that when your physician advises you to maintain a well regulated colon, he thinks you should give control of your body functions to the fed.

#4 Claiming that the SCOTUS has misinterpreted the 2A for 200 years is not likely to undo the precedent they have set. (and it just makes you look silly)

#5 Be careful how you go about trying to undo the 2A, the same tyrannical tactics would eventually be used on the rest of the Bill of Rights.

#6 Privately owned "Assault Rifles" are not assault rifles and are not full-auto, they are the exact same as the average hunting rifle and fire 1 round per 1 pull of the trigger. There are much more dangerous guns. Focusing on the ones that "look scary" demonstrates that you know nothing about firearms and causes the average gun owner to ignore you. (on a side-note, that "high capacity" mag may hold 100 rounds; but the shooter would have to pull the trigger 100 times, with no jams, and have 100% accuracy 100 times for that to matter)

#7 Neither the Constitution or the Bill of Rights ever granted citizens the right to own guns. It is NOT something granted to us by the government. It was a right that was presumed to exist. The BoR simply stated that the government could not infringe upon that independently existing right.

#8 The founders did not protect our right to keep and bare arms for the sake of hobbyists and hunters. Its primary function is as a check against the threat of tyranny. To which most gun control advocates will promptly call you a paranoid, red dawn, crazy. Though I see no threat of such a problem presently, to say that our government could never turn on its citizens points out that you are ignorant of human nature and world history. To the other half who will say "like you would have any chance against the U.S. military if the fed wanted to go dictator", well much the same was said about the Colonies chances against the British empire, and I don't know about you, but I will take a small chance of avoiding a police state over NO chance.

#9 There's a reason perfectly sane law abiding citizens enjoy going to the range. Guns are fun. No, seriously.

#10 The American public strongly support the 2nd Amendment. Even on DU support for gun rights is at 70%. To have any hope of accomplishing your goal of more regulation or gun bans you will have no choice but to convince the average gun owner to support it. Calling 2A advocates "gun nuts" "redneck" "baby killer" psychopath" etc is unlikely to aid you in this.


  1. Well done, I thought, though using common sense on a liberal doesn't register with their feeble minds.:)

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