Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Hunting Guns

I bought a used, 8 Inch .357 Colt Python in 1977 for $140. Amazingly enough, I sold it in 2004 for enough to buy a Glock 30 and 21.


  1. Wanna hear a sad story?


    Well here it is anyway:

    Bought me a 4 inch Python with custom grips back about 1964. Don't remember what it cost but it wasn't much. I use to keep it in a hidey-hole in my mother's house and take it to the range on occasion.

    Stupid me got married and left the weapon at mom's. Figured it was OK there. A few years later i was living a couple thousand miles away and mom took sick. My sister (who is not a gun lover) cleaned out mom's house. The Python went to the local cop shop. I wasn't told for a year or two.


    1) Don't get married.

    2) Avoid having a Liberal sister at all costs.

  2. I left my Model 15 S&W with Pops when we moved to CA back in the 80's. Alzheimers got him and stated to get weird, so I got sis and BIL to go fetch. Katrina got their house but pistol survived unscathed. BIL died and sister called to see if I wanted it back, 'cause if I didn't she was gonna go swap it for a $50 K-Mart gift card down at the gun buy back. I got my ass down there and got it back quick like a bunny.

    Fifty bucks? Sheesh.

  3. 1) Don't get married.

    2) Avoid having a Liberal sister at all costs.




  4. Damn glad to hear you're OK - I'd have been calling in the morning...

    1) Oh yeah - BTDT.


    You'll have to forgive me - I'm SLOW...

    This one's pretty much tolerable - usually...

    Hey, not one single stitch in over 12 years!

    Vows are permanent...


    2) Wear gloves.
    And a hat.
    Dig deep.
    Leave the gun - take the canolli...!


  5. I am looking forward to buy Glock 30 Gun

    1. I have a 21 and a 30. I prefer the size of the 30.