Monday, July 16, 2012

The Sin of Inaction

This is the story of America. It was born long before it was established as a refuge from religious persecution. The allure was a land where the citizens might worship as they pleased, free from government endorsement of any specific sect such as the Church of England. The first immigrants were not seeking a land with no religion, but one of freedom to worship as one pleased.

To deny that this fact that has marked the United States as a religious refuge to the masses for over two centuries is to deny reality. Muslims today see this as a weakness to be exploited, to be used against us and even with my opposition to the Muslim faith as represented by suicide-bombers and wife-beaters, I am tolerant of their faith and their presence within these borders. We will have to sort good from bad another day, but now, I recognize their rights and desires to practice their religion free from government intervention or oppression. I am not so crazy about the government support they receive under this administration.

We are a Christian nation, even if not everyone in the nation is a Christian. We are Christian because we believe in those values that are important, given to us by God in the Ten Commandments. Our laws are based on those codes of conduct. There are a few truths one might count on in a land of deceivers and manipulators:

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