Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Speaking of braindead liberals.......

Obama on the economy: ‘We tried our plan — and it worked’

Discussing his economic policies at a fundraiser in Oakland, California, last night, President Obama, told supporters that “we tried our plan — and it worked.”

“We tried that and it didn’t work,” Obama said of Mitt Romney’s proposed tax cuts and spending cuts, which he dismissed as a Bush-style “top down” economic policy. “Just like we’ve tried their plan, we tried our plan — and it worked,” he added later in the speech. “That’s the difference. That’s the choice in this election. That’s why I’m running for a second term.”

Obama made these comments in Oakland, where the unemployment rate was 13.7 percent in May 2012. The national unemployment rate is 8.2 percent — up from 8.1 percent in May — for the second straight month.

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  1. I swear, I vacillate between thinking Obama is clever as a fox and knows what he is doing to the opinion that he is just an out and out idiot.
    Miss Violet