Friday, August 24, 2012

My military school rifle team

1959 Greenbrier Military School Rifle Team
The school won quite a few William Randolph Hearst Trophies.

Strange. Don't know why everyone didn't have their rifles in the picture. All other years did. I remember once when I shot a hole in the roof as I was adjusting from kneeling to prone.:)


  1. Who is the goofball middle row far left, and which one is you? It is my sincere hope they are not one in the same, good sir.

    1. Don't believe him Brock, he was hoping it was you so he could give you a bad time about it, lol. ;)

      Miss Violet

  2. I don't remember, but "hamming" it up was common practice back then. Bottom row far right is the culprit responsible for the hole in the roof.:)

  3. At least you have a somewhat stoic look about you, as trained heartless killers should.

    The remainder of those mugs need some discipline beaten into them. :D

  4. They probably want to drop their little itty-bitty 22's and get back to our Garands.:)

  5. Such a club today would have the masses wailing and gnashing their teeth.

    Oh how I would love to roll back the clock to those times.

  6. Oh how I would love to roll back the clock to those times.

    And keep it there.

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