Friday, August 10, 2012


Via Calvin Johnson


  1. where did we get such men - and why didn't we save a few for NOW?

    IMAGINE a man who - watching the horrors play out - was only concerned with having HIS chance to charge into the guns?

    If you've never been to Gettysburg, you REALLY need to go. You need to stand at the bottom of that hill and contemplate that long march across open ground, with artillery firing down on you like giant shotguns spouting 1" steel balls, hunks of chain or whatever else they decided to shove in there.

    Look at that wall across the top of the hill and THINK: Even if I'm lucky enough to make it across here without getting killed, I've still got to face that wall with yankees three and five-deep, sending a non-stop barrage of what amounts to shotgun-slugs right into my face... THEY can reload down behind the wall and take turns firing - I've only got one shot then my musket basically becomes a spear - and even if I make the wall I'll STILL be outnumbered 5 or 10 to 1...

    It was SUICIDE - but as far as I know not a one of them even blinked.

    What a waste...

  2. where did we get such men?

    not a one of them even blinked.

    The present generation pales in comparison.

  3. <>

    We're not fit to even gaze upon (much less SHINE) their boots.

  4. We're not fit to even gaze upon (much less SHINE) their boots.

    Not much else left to say.

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