Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rebuttal: Do You Really Believe So Jim?

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I was sent a link to this article by Jim Karger titled “When they come for your guns… you will turn them over” and I felt bound to reply. Jim is a lawyer living in Mexico and probably has little to no contact with the real population of the nation and almost assuredly has never met an Oathkeeper, III%’er, Patriot, and probably has little contact with Veterans. Take the time to read the article. This is my open rebuttal to Jim’s article.

“Jim after reading your article you miss the 500 lb. gorilla in the room. Those vehicles may roll down the street, and the powers that be may try to take our arms. But ya know what? There’s a couple of million plus of us. And conveniently distributed among those millions in growing numbers are something that every Law Enforcement Officer is scared shitless of – a determined individual that believes in the Constitution. Make no mistake – once the government decides that the Second Amendment is no longer valid the vast majority of firearms owners believe the government will no longer stop at anything to subjugate them. We vastly outnumber the combined total of all Law Enforcement Officers. We know where they live, where they shop for their groceries, etc. For them such an action would be like fighting an insurgency in Iraq or Afghanistan without the protection of COBs or FOBs.

Motre @ The Lizard Farmer

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