Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cultural Marxists Win First Round in Selma—more to come

 Via Billy

The city council in Selma, Alabama had their meeting on Tuesday evening, September 25th and voted 4-0 to suspend work on the Forrest Monument. There were 2 abstentions. Is anyone really surprised? After years of watching this sort of thing you begin to get a feel for it and you can almost predict how politically correct politicians will vote on a given issue. And thanks to the rantings of black extremists this is a politically charged issue.

I have been checking with some folks in that area and found out that Confederate Circle, where the monument is belongs to Selma Chapter 53 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy by virtue of the fact that on April 17, 1877, the Selma City Council donated the land to the Ladies Memorial Association, of which Chapter 53 of the UDC is an outgrowth. The city of Selma  bought the land from the Sallie Jones estate in 1877…the deed did not get recorded until 1896…Selma Chapter 53 of the UDC was chartered on April 26, 1896. The folks involved with this do not know why the deed was not recorded until 1896 for the city of Selma but think it was an oversight, not found until 20 years afterward. Unless they find the recording of the deed they assume its not being recorded was merely an oversight.

At this point, Confederate Circle where the monument is has been surveyed by a local surveyor. Interestingly enough, in the process of all this, it has been discovered that each of the city schools in Selma do not have a deed to the property they are on, which they thought they owned. The city of Selma is currently preparing deeds for them to correct that slight oversight.

A lawyer has been hired by those wanting to keep the Forrest Monument and this will all eventually go to court.

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