Thursday, September 6, 2012

GRNC Alert 9-6-12: Johnston County Backs Down!

After an Estimated 200-250 Displeased Gun-Owners Attend Meeting…

As you recall from prior alerts, Johnston County Commissioners recently attempted to pass a de facto shooting ban under the guise of a noise ordinance. Fortunately, vigilant GRNC members detected the scheme after an attempt to pass it failed due to lack of a quorum. The resulting firestorm of input received from GRNC members and our friends at had the desired effect; the gun-specific portions have been removed and the ordinance passed without them.

Enjoy another in a string of pro-freedom victories that you and fellow GRNC members have won over the recent months. This sends an important warning to other municipalities that may have been considering similar legislative end-arounds of North Carolina’s Range Protection Act of 1997.

Johnston County Attorney, David Mills was finally disabused of his notion that Range Protection applies only to commercial ranges. As you may recall, the most significant test of the statute has been by Dr. Michael Land, who successfully repelled not one, but two attempts to shut down his range with lawsuits dismissed in 2010 and 2012. Recent news stories indicate that Mills may not fully realize he lost. We all need to continue to watch Johnston County closely.

A particularly troubling aspect of the Commission’s meeting was Chairman Allen Mims’ lack of decorum in criticizing email input and refusal to open the floor to public comment. The Chairman’s statements can be viewed here: Mr. Mims isn’t up for election until 2014, but he can be assured that we will not forget his attempt to squelch the input of gun owners.

In the end, gun-specific language was stricken after passage of a motion offered by pro-gun Commissioner, DeVan Barbour. Mr. Barbour has earned our gratitude and deserves a note of thanks from all NC gun owners, but particularly from those residing in Johnston County.

You need you to do three things:
1. Email Johnston County Attorney, David Mills: Remind him that both statutes and Dr. Land’s precedents demonstrate that the Range Protection Act extends to individuals.
2. Email Johnston County Commission Chair, Allen Mims: Let him know that his efforts to ignore gun owner input will be remembered during his 2014 election.
3. Email Johnston County Commissioner, DeVan Barbour: Thank him for his support of the rights of Johnston County gun owners.
Johnston County Attorney, James Mills and Commission Chair, Allen Mims:,,
Johnston County Commissioner, DeVan Barbour:
Messrs. Mims and Mills,
As a concerned North Carolina gun owner, I am pleased that gun-specific language was removed from your recent noise ordinance. Please note that our state’s Range Protection Act extends to individuals as detailed in GRNC President Paul Valone’s letter of September 5.
Any further attempts by Johnston County to infringe upon the rights of gun owners will be vigorously opposed, and will be remembered during elections.
Dear Commissioner Barbour,
I am very grateful for your help in offering a pro-gun amendment to Johnston County’s recently passed noise ordinance. As you know, without striking this language the ordinance would have effected a de facto County-wide shooting ban in violation of state law and Constitutional principle.
Thank you again for your support of freedom in Johnston County, it will not be forgotten during your next election.

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