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North Carolina League of the South – 2012 Voter Guide


Pat McCrory is by far not the most conservative nominee for governor the Republicans have put up in some time. That being said he offers a great number of policy solutions that will wittingly or not, promote North Carolina sovereignty. The first recommendation is that North Carolina nullify Obamacare by an act of the General Assembly with the Governor's support. The second is McCrory's insistence on passing a Voter ID Bill that will allow us to police our own elections and not the federal Justice Department. Lastly is McCrory's willingness to push for offshore drilling which will give North Carolina access to essential energy sources that will make us less dependent on others and especially DC for our survival. Democrat Walter Dalton has been a quiet Lt. Governor with little to recommend him to the position of governor.

Lt. Governor -

Dan Forest is by far the greatest source of hope for liberty-lovers and those desiring a strong North Carolina. He is an ardent Tea Party conservative and very well-schooled on the 10th Amendment. He promises to push for nullification of unconstitutional federal policies and to combat the Third World invasion by battling illegal immigration via implementation of the 287g program in all 100 counties. Of all the Council of State candidates he is the best hope for the future if he wins this election.

Secretary of State -

Ed Goodwin is a solid conservative running against perhaps the most left-wing member of the Council of State, Elaine Marshall. The incumbent, Marshall, has steadily opposed a voter ID law in North Carolina and asserts that there is no voter fraud occurring in our State; Goodwin is a true citizen patriot and a 5th-generation farmer from Edenton.

North Carolina Treasurer -

Steve Royal is right up with Dan Forest in terms of his devotion to liberty and his opposition to the status quo. Unfortunately he has been all but written off by the NCGOP for both his views and his inability to raise funds. According to Royal, the State GOP has all but endorsed his Democratic opponent and turned a blind eye to his requests for campaign funding, a clear indication that he is too conservative for the liberal-wing of the NC GOP. He needs our help as much as anyone to end the risky management of our State's pension funds in the stock market.

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner –

Farmer and former insurance salesman Mike Causey of Guilford County is challenging incumbent Democrat Wayne Goodwin of Stanly County to lead the State’s insurance department. Causey as a private citizen successfully lobbied the State legislature to make it easier for customers to get their vehicles repaired at shops they choose. This helped smaller repair shops compete against larger repair chains favored by underwriters. Goodwin has received praise from conservative organizations in the past. Causey appears the more conservative.

North Carolina Supreme Court -

Next to the presidential and gubernatorial contest this is the most importance race in North Carolina. Justice Paul Newby is running for another term on the court at a time when it is a 5-4 conservative balance. Were Newby to lose then we would see most sovereignty and 10th Amendment issues being argued before a left-wing court. This race deserves our utmost effort.

US Congressional District 3 -

Walter Jones is in the same league as Ron Paul in his devotion to the Constitution and his willingness to buck the traditional party mold. An ardent foe of foreign adventurism, abortion, illegal immigration, and free trade, Rep. Jones is perhaps the best Congressional candidate in the state.

US Congressional District 7 -

Republican challenger David Rouzer opposes longtime Democrat Mike McIntyre in this race, the latter patterns himself as a conservative Democrat but expectedly demonstrates clear support for Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. While no deeply-ingrained conservatism of the Nathaniel Macon variety seems to flow in Mr. Rouzer’s veins, unseating a liberal Democrat in North Carolina may be worth the effort.

US Congressional District 11 -

Mark Meadows is a patriot in the same mold as our Founders. A devoted Christian and ardent constitutionalist, Mark is like Walter Jones in the sense that he is willing to buck the traditional Republican tenets if they violate his conservative principles. Our State needs more Republicans like Meadows.

NC Senate District 34 -

Senator Andrew Brock is a solid patriot who is a staunch supporter of our State's Christian and strong conservative traditions. He is also seriously devoted to reducing federal interference in North Carolinian's daily lives and deserves the vote of traditional conservatives.

NC Senate District 38 -

Richard Rivette is a liberty candidate in the mold of the Tea Party and Ron Paul. With Glen Bradley's defeat in his Senate primary, Mr. Rivette is probably the best chance for electing a true liberty candidate to the NC Senate.

NC House 6 -

The 2011 State legislature created this new district which has Dare County Democrat Paul Tine opposing Dare County Republican Mattie Lawson. Tine supports the heavily-subsidized State ferry system and heads a nonprofit organization funded with Golden Leaf Foundation and federal stimulus money. Lawson helped found the Tea Party of the Outer Banks, supports “limited government, lower taxes, and the founding principles.”

NC House 14 -

George Cleveland is one of the most conservative members of the Republican caucus. He is a very passionate opponent of illegal immigration into our State and a fierce proponent of State sovereignty measures. He is a co-sponsor of the North Carolina Tenth Amendment re-affirmation now tied up in the legislature.

NC House 18 -

Louis R. Harmati, Republican, is challenging incumbent Democrat Susi Hamilton, the latter being a film industry incentives booster and has earned top rating and support from the NAACP. She has recently come under fire publicly for supporting film industry incentives and renting her personal property to film companies receiving State assistance. Harmati is the conservative candidate in this race.

NC House 19 -

Republican Rep. Danny McComas has resigned and former New Hanover county commissioner Ted Davis has been appointed for the remainder of his term. Republican Davis is contending for the seat against Democrat Emilie Swearingen. The Democrat candidate will fight the Republican reform of education, and “promotes easy access to health care, child care, education, birth control, equal pay for women, and keep government out of our personal lives.” Davis recently voted for his county to accept a birth control grant from the State.

NC House 20 -

This is a newly-formed district and the result of redistricting by the Republican-dominated legislature. Current New Hanover county commissioner Rick Catlin is an environmental engineer running against Democrat Tom Gale. Catlin’s publicly-stated positions include repealing Obamacare, maintaining capital punishment and he supported Amendment One.

NC House 65 -

Bert Jones is only a recent convert to the GOP, having won his seat as an independent. As such, he presents himself as very conservative and an outside-the-box thinker in approaches to both State and federal issues.

NC House 85 -

Mitch Gillespie is a staunch conservative and major proponent of energy development in North Carolina. He has led the fight to remove unnecessary regulations from the books in State government and is in a key position of leadership in the GOP caucus.

NC House 87 -

Edgar Starnes is probably the last true paleo-conservative in the NC House. He is a frequent sponsor of the important Monument Protection Act which preserves North Carolina heritage and culture, and hangs a picture of Mississippi Senator and American President Jefferson Davis on the wall of his Raleigh office.

NC Supreme Court Non-Partisan Race

If one votes straight party ticket they will not have voted in this race which is near the end of the long ballot.

The two candidates are incumbent North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby, a Republican, but not listed as such. He is challenged by North Carolina Court of Appeals Judge Sam Ervin, IV, a Democrat, but not listed as such, and grandson of Senator Sam Ervin.

Currently the Republicans have a 4-3 majority on the State Supreme Court. If Ervin wins, it will switch to a 4-3 Democrat-majority which can undo all the Republican legislature has passed during this last term. This would include the recent legislative redistricting.

Though polls show a likely McCrory win as well as a likely Republican State House and Senate, they would lose the State Supreme Court should Ervin win. With at least 5 pending legislative reform lawsuits from this term, expect many more with a Democrat-majority court.

North Carolina Libertarian Candidates for Office:

Our recommendation when both Republican and Democrat candidates appear equally opposed to traditional-conservative State governance is to strongly consider voting for a Libertarian candidate. While the LP may not mesh perfectly with the ideals and goals of traditional-conservatism, the Libertarian will be far more resistant to federal encroachment into our personal lives and State affairs.

Additionally, a general rule of thumb is to vote against any candidates endorsed by the Charlotte Observer, Raleigh News and Observer, and Wilmington Star News.

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