Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Via Knuckledraggin' My Life Away

 For many of these avid supporters, who are dependent and appreciative of Obama, it is no longer what is good for the country but what is good for them. America has been bought and it should be of no surprise to anyone that Obama is polling so high and has a high probability of winning re-election despite terrible performance. His performance is just not important to his supporters.


"It's unbelievable," said an unemployed waitress. "How can Obama be leading in the polls and likely to win enough electoral votes for a second term despite the worst economic performance by any President in the past 100 years?"

"It's downright frightening," said A small business owner. "What is the real plan that Obama and the Democrats have for their ‘transformation of America' and, more importantly, how are they going to achieve that plan and how will it affect my business and my family?"

The answers to these critical questions is clear. There is enough evidence, both direct and circumstantial, to provide reasonable answers. Yet, the reasons for Obama's showing in the polls and his transforming plan are kept masked by a media and a public who is seduced by the silver-tongued politician.

Obama's ability to mask his intentions produces an almost opium-like effect. That mask, however, will be removed once re-elected and America will, more clearly than ever, see and feel the impacts of the ‘plan'.

There is no question that this has been the worst managed economy by any President in our history. Unemployment has not improved despite massive government spending, deficits have soared over $16 trillion, our credit rating has dropped for the first time ever and family income is down $4,000 per household.

Despite this performance, with only a few weeks to the election, Obama is ahead in most polls. This anomaly has never happened before. Why is it happening now? Simple!

Debt and deficits are of no concern to Obama and the Democrats. It is simply the price we must pay to assure the ‘transformation of America'. It is a matter of the end justifying the means. To make this transformation they must be assured that they will have an overwhelming majority of committed, loyal and dependent voters for the long term.

To accomplish this they simply throw fiscal responsibility out the window and buy these votes, effectively ‘buying America'. After all, this election is not one of ‘four more years' but twenty or more years.

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  1. Fiscal responsibility went out the window long before Obama. How about the Mediscare part D, Bush and the GOP, increasing Food stamps by 60%, more ethanol subsidies, more farm subsidies, the American Dream act, 2 unfunded illegal wars, and last but not all, the Tarp bailout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!