Monday, September 3, 2012

Soap Opera Over Kabul

Oh lordy, lordy, how I love the Afghan war: It just goes on and on, without end. By comparison death and taxes seem long shots.

In the latest episode of this long-running sitcom, the Afghan army is killing GIs. Yes. Blowing them away right and left. In Washington, the Five-Sided Wind Tunnel is in shock and maybe awe. It has stopped training Afghan troops because it is scared of them. It has ordered our soldiers to stay armed to protect themselves against our devoted allies, to whom we are bringing democracy, because they want to kill us.

How can this be, you ask? The brass are puzzled too. The reason can’t be that Afghans don’t like night raids, torture, GIs going house to house and shooting women and kids, drone strikes blowing up weddings, and other routine mechanisms of democratization. Instead, it must be…Taliban infiltrators. Yes. This being decided, all is now well. Just as the military calls routine atrocities “isolated incidents,” it attributes Afghani hostility to Taliban infiltrators. Problem solved. In the modern marketing military, you don’t need a solution, just a saleable explanation.

OK. In the Guardian, I learn that actual Pentagonal military psycho-wonks have done a study on what Afghans and gringos think of each other. (report) Saith the Guardian:

"One group sees the other as a bunch of violent, reckless, intrusive, arrogant, self-serving, profane, infidel bullies hiding behind high technology; and the other group [the US soldiers] generally view the former as a bunch of cowardly, incompetent, obtuse, thieving, complacent, lazy, pot-smoking, treacherous, and murderous radicals. Such is the state of progress in the current partnering programme. Over a decade of fighting shoulder-to-shoulder had created mutual loathing that was impossible to camouflage.”

Who would have thought it?

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  1. "Afghanistan: Dead loss, as yet unadmitted.. Underestimated enemy, IED, AK, RPG. Clueless about politics. Tail in default position."

    Recurring theme. Think about where else this might be applicable in the near future. Underestimated enemy, clueless about politics. Not going to say more...


  2. Think about where else this might be applicable in the near future. Underestimated enemy, clueless about politics. Not going to say more...


  3. Not to worry Y'all cuz we got Obama's Queen Beret's on our side !. It's gonna be a bitch getting around in the Syrian / Iranian sandbox in spike heel combat boot's and assless leather BDU's.Remember now , King George II said the war on " terror " would go on for a hundred year's if need be. Say !, maybe Bush's new son in law would like to volunteer , you know win some glory on the battlefield !. Make the family proud ! . Why hell it might be over by Christmas !.

  4. I see the light at the end of the tunnel..........