Friday, November 16, 2012

Civil War 2 - The Chickens Have Had Enough!

Via Don


The other day, upon arriving home from work, my son greeted me with a picture he drew.

"Cival war 2" was printed on the top, which I had him promptly correct before looking any further.

After he had corrected the spelling, I looked over the picture, amused to see a bi-plane of some sort being piloted by a yellow chicken.

The banner the bi-plane was towing read "No tree Hugerrs" with what looks like a green circle with an axe head in a tree stump. Next to that was the universal sign for prohibited over a person hugging a pine tree. He beamed proudly and told me, "No tree huggers! Right Dad?" I didn't know if I should be proud or bust out laughing. So I just replied, "Yep!" while wearing a grin.
Below the bi-plane was a black, ninja-clad chicken with a mounted weapon on its' back towing an Øbama symbol flag that is X'd out in red. "Nobama!" my son exclaimed. "I see that," I replied. My smile grew larger.

And below that, at the foot of the objective, was a chicken cop car loaded with three special forces chickens and 3 weapon carrying chickens behind. Probably waiting for a breach to enter their objective and take out their target. My grin grew larger.

Oh yes, their objective. Well, it was flying what appears to be an Islamic flag (crescent moon and star) on fire.
Hmm...and as for the objective...well, look for yourself.

My son explained to me that the chickens were attacking the White House to get rid of the dictator, Øbama.

By this time I couldn't hold it in any longer and started laughing. Not wanting my son to think  I was laughing at his work, I told him this would make a great movie.

"But why chickens," I asked.

"Because the chickens have had enough," he exclaimed.

I had a good laugh and told him, "Don't let your mother see this!"

I don't know where he comes up with these things!


  1. Check out the update to the original post at WRSA. The revolution is spreading.
    Cows with guns. And he is right, watch to the end.

    1. Yes, I had seen that before, but had forgotten about it.:)

  2. Outstanding, You are raising a fine young man there

    1. I can't claim him, but will Dixie.:)
      A Person I Admire

      By Dixie Townsend
      Nine Years Old

      Rocky Mount Telegram
      March 3, 2006

      The person I admire is Robert E. Lee, the general of the
      Confederate Army. He's my Dad's favorite person. Mr. Lee
      was an excellent horseman. He, and his horse Traveller,
      led the Confederate soldiers to fight against the Yankees.
      His four daughters admired his courage, bravery and his
      Southern accent. Later in life, Lee's hair turned white. His
      beard was always trimmed neatly. He presented a commanding
      appearance, straight, alert and intelligence. He was never known
      to smoke, drink alcoholic beverages or use profane language.

      General Lee was an American hero. Perhaps one day, I can be like him.

      Fourth grade,
      Tarboro-Edgecombe Academy,
      Jamie Baker, teacher