Thursday, November 22, 2012

Jackson Resigns From House Citing Probe of His Conduct

The culprit responsible for bringing PC to our WBTS battlefields.


Illinois Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned from Congress after serving almost 17 years, citing his “deteriorated” health and a federal investigation into his conduct. 

In a letter today to House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, Jackson said he’d made “my share of mistakes” without specifying what he’d done wrong. The resignation is effective today “in order to focus on restoring my health,” the letter said. Jackson, 47, has been treated for depression since taking a medical leave from Congress in June.

“I am aware of the ongoing federal investigation into my activities and I am doing my best to address the situation responsibly, cooperate with investigators, and accept responsibility for my mistakes,” Jackson, a Democrat, wrote in the letter. “They are my mistakes and mine alone.”

The Chicago Sun-Times reported Nov. 8 that Jackson is in plea negotiations with federal prosecutors to settle charges that he misused campaign funds. The newspaper had previously reported that Jackson was under investigation for allegedly using the funds to decorate his Washington home and giving a $40,000 Rolex watch to a female friend.

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  1. Re-elected even with mental problems and under fed investigation.

    1. Didn't even campaign, oh that's right, once you vote black, you never go back. Silly me, I forgot.........