Friday, November 2, 2012

Russian circus performer beats himself to death in Acapulco jail cell, so they say


 I was personally acquainted with Anton. Mexican police are trying to hurry to get rid of his body cremated.

Today I learned of the tragic and very strange death of my good friend Anton Alferov, which occurred in the city of Acapulco, Mexico.

 The scattered data, Anthony was arrested on the beach for what is an administrative offense and with his mother was taken to the police station.
Later, his mother was released and Anton left the station. Then, with huge bruises on the head and face, he was taken to hospital, where he later died. From the words of the police, he lost control of the camera and started banging his head against the wall and broke the toilet.
This version is a huge question.
On fragmentary information, he got into a fight with the police.
Anton was a circus performer of the highest class, this year fresh from a tour with Cirque du Soleil, the show OVO. He opened his own show in Acapulco, also conducted master classes in acrobatics and circus arts.

Were able to learn about it only because of fragmentary information in Facebook. There is little information on local Mexican sites.
Would love as much as possible to spread this information, what would it's not zamylili.
Very probably soon need to help the family. Today we learned that my mother had a huge emotional and mental breakdowns.
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In Acapulco, Russian acrobat Anton Alferov, who was part of the Cirque du Soleil and who had resided in Acapulco for several years, met a violent death which was not only absurd, but so far indecipherable.

Authorities have conducted the case in a sealed manner, to the point that not even the assigned case number of the preliminary inquiry to investigate the causes of death has been revealed. All that is known about it is from "law enforcement sources".

The story is astonishing: the athlete, about 35, was reportedly arrested by federal police in Costa Azul while trying to break in to a home. He was then they handed him over to the municipal police, who, in turn, passed him on to ministerial police. Another version says only municipal police made the arrest.

With contusions in various parts of his body, Anton should have been taken to hospital for treatment, but he decline to go, and ended up in the ministerial police jail cells. There he "went crazy" and beat himself against the wall and, like Hulk, ripped a toilet bowl from the floor and tossed it against the bars of the jail cell. By his own means, he beat himself to death. 


  1. Wow.... for a minute I thought this was just another daily beatdown in the good ol' USA..... But this happened in Mexico! OMG.... our brand of police brutality is now being exported to the friendly and lawful society of gentle people.... (sarc.)
    When the bad guys also wear the uniform of a law dog (hyenas with badges) your back is literally against the wall.... the beatdown is coming, so don't hold back. Here in my neck o' the woods "cops" (constable on patrol) seem to enjoy the beating and shooting of unarmed civilians. When they're done, pats on the back, and high five's all around! (A good time was had by all).

    1. I don't remember where you live.......?

    2. Spokane, WA. is the small city (I live east of that place... Miss Violet refers to as "Spokanistan"). Last year was a record year for SPD shootings of civilians. Small city, something like 21 or 22 civilians shot by (shoot first, ask questions later) SPD officer's. One SPD Sargent is going to prison after he and his fellow thugs tried to cover up the beating death of a handicapped man (Otto Zemm) in a Spokane gas station after the man went in to buy a soda. This whole thing got the police chief to resign, and many other officers reprimanded (just reprimanded? Really?). The new mayor promised to clean house, and hired some "law enforcement professional" to come in and win back the trust of the city dwelling citizens. Damn happy to be at the extreme edge of the county, North Idaho is essentially where I do the business of living anyway. Not interested in denigrating Spokane or the people living there, but the SPD is filled with seriously flawed people.

  2. North Idaho is essentially where I do the business of living anyway.

    So, I guess you work in Spokane and go home to Idaho on the weekends? I've been camping through the Southern part. Where is your place?
    the SPD is filled with seriously flawed people.

    I have heard as much.

  3. Currently my "job" takes me back and forth across the country. (Eighteen Wheeler).
    I live on the state line (WA. Side) but spend all of my time and money in North Idaho. That's where all my hunting/fishing/beer drinking partners in crime live! ;-)
    In fact it is late season hunting right now, and two of my buddies are trying to get a "late season" Elk this weekend south of Coeur d' Alene, ID.

    1. Sounds like fun. I'll have to visit one of these days before I turn up my toes as my friend George often says.:) His great grandfather rode with Mosby and his place is named Mosby Springs, as that was a place the rangers would visit on their excursions around Middleburg. His great came back and bought it after the War.

    2. What an awesome family connection to "real history"..... his great grandfather rode with Mosby! That comment alone stirs the spirit, and excites me to the point of thirsting for more...
      Thank you for the link Brock!

      Should you make the trip North Idaho way some fine day, my door is open, the welcome mat is out. Come on in and make yourself at home!

    3. Thank you, Sir and the same applies to you.

  4. I believe I know what happened. And this is an incredible twist to this story.

    I am a major journalist in Acapulco, and I know I got this story straight.

    There is a white American woman who is an illegal immigrant, meth dealer, the whole 9 yards who has been fingering American men as child molesters in Acapulco. So the police are doing random checks of identity, looking for people who meet the descriptions she gives. This man's description matches. And this man was not a child molester.

    Most likely, the Acapulco police thought they had a child molester, and beat him to death as a result. I have had plenty of contact with Mari Zecchino, who is a pathological liar who will do anything to create a story to get people to give her money, and pointing out American men and calling them child molesters is one of them. Most likely this poor chap spoke to her when she was selling jewelry in front of Sanborns near the zocalo, and he ended up paying for it with his life.

    Marie Zecchino even pointed ME out as a child molester and sent the police after me, when I stopped giving her money as a result of her sob stories. Once I pulled support, which I did after witnessing her dealing drugs, she flipped out and wanted me dead. Fortunately she never got my real identity nor does she have her address, but she did indeed get the police after me for no reason at all.

    With this poor chap actually working with children, he would have been a prime target,

    Spread the word

    1. I shall, Sir and thanks for the comment.

    2. He beat himself to death.
      Yes. That's it.

      I don't believe I've ever heard THAT one before.
      That's precious.

  5. This is bullshit, Mexican cops did it and Justice needs to step up.