Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stonewall Jackson's Grandson: General Thomas Jonathan Jackson Christian Sr.

Gen Thomas Jonathan Jackson Christian


Very, very strange as I can find very little information on him. 


Found this and if correct, he would have been killed in the Korean War, I assume. It states in United States which makes no sense.

Cause of death: Shot in combat 1952


 This is more than strange.  Here we have a General officer in the US Army who was the grandson of Stonewall Jackson and the only information is from a grave and an ancestry site.  I'm stupefied to say the least.  Something is rotten in the country of Denmark, as my mother would say.  On top of this the VMI website is strangely absent of any information concerning the grandson and great grandson.

 Stonewall Jackson's Great-Grandson: WWII Hero KIA 


Terry sent this.

 This page shows he retired in 1948, along with his other posts including XO at West Point 1939-40. Based on this I would question the accuracy of the shot in combat statement. (Indeed) There must be an obituary somewhere.


  1. Upon further reflection, I believe I read the General was married 3 times. Perhaps we misunderstood the "shot in combat" statement? :)

  2. He lost his job as artillery commander in Western Defense Command in 1942 when he both refused to bury his wife and pay the funeral home. He only relented when ordered ti do so by WDC Chief General John DeWitt. And after DeWitt told General George Marshall this story, Marshall ruled that Christian, who he had touted as a potential divisonal head, obviously lacked command qualities, and Christian ended up commanding a barracks in Missouri until 1945

    1. he both refused to bury his wife and pay the funeral home.

      Why in the world would he do that? Makes absolutely no sense and seems there should be more to the story.

  3. It does jot make much sense, although I see from his geneology online that he remarried very quickly after his 1st wife's death

  4. one would have to look at his 201 file at the US Military Record Center in St Louis to see if there is more to this

    1. I believe anyone can request them.

    2. yes, but there is a procedure