Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving in FRONA



Now let’s talk about holidays in the Free Republic of North America (FRONA).

The big Fall harvest feast, otherwise known as Thanksgiving Day, has its roots in a Puritan celebration of harvest that began in the 1620s. And throughout America history, it has been celebrated on various dates. But it was enshrined as a national holiday by none other than US President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 by a presidential proclamation that Thanksgiving Day be observed on the final Thursday of November.

His reason for embracing the official Thanksgiving Day was said to be an effort to create some kind of unity between the North and the South. At that time, the Confederate States of America not being all that keen on Lincolnian edicts, ignored the bastard. After Reconstruction, Thanksgiving Day was finally observed in the states of the former Confederacy also.

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  1. I was born and raised in Georgia and Florida. One side of my Family came to Florida from Tennessee when a GGGrandfather couldn't go home on medical leave because his hometown in Tennessee was occupied by the yankees. Another set of ancestors came after the war. Some were already here during the war and that's why that particular GGGFather came to Florida. I can honestly tell you that my Grandmother and my Dad could tell you stories that were handed down to them by Confederate Veterans about Nathan Bedford Forrest outwitting the yankees by circling his troops around a hill so the yankees saw an endless stream of men and artillery and surrendered to the much smaller Confederate force because they were out numbered, how & why Stonewall Jackson got that name and just about any other story that showed Confederate wit, skill or Divine intervention BUT I never heard of Thanksgiving until I attended 1st Grade. I never ate turkey until several years after that when my brother got my parents to start celebrating it. We never did anything for July 4 either until my Dad brought a can of 30-06 blanks home from Ft. Bragg and my brothers and I figured out they'd fit in that rechambered Mauser that my Dad bought. I don't think my family was too excited about yankee holidays.

    1. I don't think my family was too excited about yankee holidays.

      Great stories about a 100% Unreconstructed family! Congratulations. Also Vicksburg didn't celebrate the 4th of July until WWII.