Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Republic We Betrayed

Via Bernhard


“The failure of the American republic is not merely a misunderstanding – though bad liberal and bad leftist ideas have contributed to the problem, and, since this failure is a reflection of our national character, the way back does not lie in a political process that swaps new lies for old and alternates power between the Capone Gang and the Northside Mob.

The process of restoration, if it is to take place, lies with each of us. If we begin to live as a free people in our own minds and our own lives, if we refuse to be the pawns either of government or of [political] party, if we choose our friends from among the free remnant and, in their company, bring up free children who shun the poisonous propaganda that passes for American history and moral philosophy, we might hope that our American grandchildren – if there still are Americans 30 years from now – will have the virtue to take back the power their ancestors surrendered.”

(The Republic We Betrayed (excerpt), Thomas Fleming, Chronicles, August 2005, page 11)