Sunday, December 23, 2012


Via Ninety Miles From Tyranny


  1. I've never had to draw my carry gun but have been in situations twice where I had my hand on it in my pocket ready to draw. In both situations, the troublesome individual kept shifting his eyes from my face to my hand in my pocket and decided to go trouble someone else. I doubt that such non-incidents make the statistics and that makes me think that the number of times law abiding citizens defend themselves with firearms is probably much higher than the statistics indicate.

    I'm also going to steal it when I get home. I'd steal it now but the boss wouldn't like me blogging on company time!

    1. Yes. I posted an excellent article a while back and one thing that stood out was the suggestion that even if you aren't carrying, when you see someone suspicious, flip up the bottom of your shirt and the culprit will have second thoughts.

      It's Christmas Eve! Tell Scrooge to let you go home.:)

  2. I've always wondered why THIS stat is not utilized by the NRA, etc. every day to push to point of real use of firearms to the consciousness of American ignorant public.

    I recall debating the gun grabbers on CNN's forum (it was the first huge forum in circa 1990) about the subject. The CNN banned the use of statistics!

    Even then the BATF's stats showed that law-abiding gun owners used guns 70,000 times to protect themselves from misguided Americans. Naturally, the NRA brought always up the 2,000,000 figure, but very seldom.

    [I dropped the NRA when they declined free advertisement in an introductionary video on the Practical Shooting sports I produced. They did not want to be associated with IPSC (IDPA wasn't invented yet), Steel, etc. Imagine that! Even the American Handgunner, one of my sponsors, told me not to mention USPSA in the IPSC video or they'd drop their spnsorship, which they did. Those were the days.]

    I've have the unfortunate luck of having to draw my sidearm or CCW a few times, especially in California. Usually the mere displaying of a handgun stops the incident on its tract. I never reported any of the attacks to the police, as I'm sure most of my fellow American don't either. Who needs the hassle?

    I intensely dislike ignorant people.

    Thank you for posting this, Brock.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours,


    P.S. Our campaign to expose David Gregory for violating the D.C gunlaws seems to bear fruit. Yay! I hope they hang him or something. A bubba would be good for him, but now I'm getting nasty.

    1. The CNN banned the use of statistics!

      Such open minds.
      They did not want to be associated with IPSC

      Makes no sense.
      Thank you and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to y'all!:)
      Our campaign to expose David Gregory for violating the D.C gunlaws seems to bear fruit.


    2. Yup, the CNN banned the use of statistics and then finally quit the forum due to the fact that facts didn't support their world view. It was great forum. At times there were 60,000 post daily in one thread only. The NYT did the same, BTW.

      Yes, unfortunately the NRA was against the Practical Shooting sports. The infighting within the industry was unbelievable.

      Dillon was my main sponsor, along with great names such as Ed Brown, Kleen Bore, Bar-Sto Precision Machine, Springfield, Chip McCormick [now the STI (Strayer-Tripp, Inc.] and many others, some now discontinued corporations. One sponsor told me if another was in, he would not sponsor the film.

      The worst was the American Handgunner. They plain hated the USPSA, and at the same time gave a colum to the president of the IPSC (world organization), JP Denis, who in turn informed every region (country) in the world not to support the American made IPSC video. Imagine that.

      No wonder gun owners are so divided.

      Once again, thanks for your gret blog. I just love your education of us ignorants about the real South. My most favorite author is Mr. Pat Conroy.


    3. No wonder gun owners are so divided.

      Yes, I didn't realize about the problems with the Practical Shooting sports until today and thank you once again for your more than kind comments.