Sunday, December 9, 2012

NC: Barnes Precision Machine BPM-15 AR Half-MOA 100% MADE IN USA! Review

$1,221.00 .223/5.56 and soon to be released .308.

From my perspective the Barnes Precision Machine BPM-15 AR-15 concentrates 100% of its price into everything you need in a high grade AR15 without the expensive “Tacticool” upgrades which net little in terms of accuracy or functionality.  It is a rifle which is at the top of my list when someone wants a recommendation for a no-nonsense tack driver for patrol, sporting, and/or home defense use. 

My buddy and I proved that this BPM-15 was up to the task of medium range target engagement by delivering reliable hits on the 500 yard gong from prone position with only an Eotech 512 and Atlas bipod attached. If you are exterminating little rodents, I would definitely slip on a higher power optic to take full advantage of the BPM-15's half-MOA accuracy.

With the exception of the sub-MOA accuracy bit, this sounds like any AR you can get from just about any AR manufacturer who offers an upgraded
A, B, or C rifle package.   Oh, but there is so much more to the story to this capable rough and tumble $1200 AR and the manufacturer.



  1. AS far as I can tell, BPM and DTI are the only two firearms manufacturers in NC. BPM seems to be higher quality, but all their rifles are over $1k. DTI, on the other hand, will sell you a complete rifle for as little as $700 and less if you put it together yourself. Decent quality from what little I've heard.

    Bushmaster,owned by Freedom Group, who is in turn owned by Cerberus Capital Management, has headquarters in Madison, NC, but no manufacturing. So I don't count them.

    1. DTI, on the other hand, will sell you a complete rifle for as little as $700 and less if you put it together yourself.

      Do you know how they stack up against BPM in American made parts? As you said, BPM appears to be of better quality.

    2. It looks like they make pretty much everything except rails, trigger assemblies, sights, and some odds and ends. Here's a link to the list of manufacturers they use and what products they source.

      As for BPM being higher quality, that's just the impression I get from their web sites more than the reviews I've read. It might be a price bias. I haven't read anything bad about either.

  2. I own both DTI and BPM ARs. With DTI you get what you pay for. No more,no less. With BPM you get a world-class firearm for a lot less than you would expect. Half inch MOA at 500 yards is real with match grade ammo. I believe Andy's AR is worth every penny and more when you compare it to any other AR set up the same. There is a reason Delta buys from BPM and not DTI. If you have a 100 yd range in Carteret I will bring mine down and let you try it.

    1. I own both DTI and BPM ARs.

      What a coincidence and thanks for the info. We have a 200 one here, but I believe you!:)

    2. So BPM is worth 2x the money?

    3. Dave, I was at your concealed carry last Sat.

      If you have time, come on over to

      and give us your 2 cents.