Monday, December 24, 2012

Quotes on Sandy Hook

Why the AR-15 - Heavily armed men are surgical in their ability to subjugate. They can kick down doors, separate family members, kill one person, while yelling at another, rape women and engage in all kinds of mayhem that is largely confined to the intended target. Machine guns, tanks, nuclear weapons, jet planes, drones, etc., are not surgical weapons. They simply destroy or not... Armed men on the ground are needed to do tyranny correctly. Remove the ability of armed men to function, and you've greatly increased the cost of imposing tyranny on society, no matter what other fancy toys a government has.
Mark P., comment at

The NRA has finally thrown down the marker on the media as well, excoriating (and justly so) the media's propensity to dance on dead bodies, especially the dead bodies of children, providing the very attention that the sick bastards crave... as to how to pay for the armed security in our schools? That's easy: Fire one administrator per school and use that person's salary.
Karl Denninger at

The govt's last big gun grab was during the Bush administration as a response to Hurricane Katrina. The govt sent Natl Guardsmen with a list of registered gun owners and went house to house on that list confiscating firearms.   It wasn't until much after that news of this came out.
Raymond Hessel, comment at

The increased hysterics we're seeing from the media is their horror at the dawning realization that a very large and statistically significant number of Americans will never, ever give up their guns, not even if Washington arranges to have a kindergarten shot up every single day.  It unsettles them deeply to recognize that the mere fact of Obama holding office scares more people than elementary school massacres.
Vox Day at

I can't keep up with who is supposed to be the enemy of the hour. Why don't we just say the enemy of the people is whosoever opposes the government's political aims in one fashion or another. That should cover it.
Texas Arcane at

There are no security steps that we are willing to tolerate as a free society that would make it impossible, or even substantially more difficult, for a motivated deranged person to shoot up an elementary school.
Warren Meyer at

The most important way of clearing intellectual space for fake scholarship and culture is to marginalise the concept of truth... There is a way of debating that disregards the truth of another’s words, since it is concerned to diagnose them, to discover ‘where they are coming from’, and to reveal the emotional, moral and political attitudes that underlie a given choice of words... It expressly set itself against the idea of objective truth, giving a variety of arguments for thinking that truth is a negotiable thing, that what matters in the end is which side you are on.
Roger Scruton at

If you libs want to repeal the Second Amendment, say so. Start a movement. Marshal your lobbying groups. Put-up or shut-up. Or don't put-up and just shut-up. That's okay, too. 
Selwyn Duke at

Sen. Dianne Feinstein acknowledged that in writing the 1994 Assault Weapon Ban she and Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell perused a copy of Gun Digest and selected what they thought were the *scariest looking* guns and/or features to list in the ban.
Chris Meissen, comment at 

Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama, along with many others have, thus far successfully, demanded that you intentionally refuse to defend your child's right to life as soon as that child enters a school—and they then attempt to compel you, by law, to have that child attend some form of school!
Karl Denninger at

The gun control movement is dying.  It has been for quite some time.  While it will never entirely go away, it has been steadily sliding towards irrelevance.  The horrific murders in Connecticut will not change that... Our county has had a debate on guns and the gun control side lost that debate big-time... The antis and their media allies will continue their shrieking and teeth-gnashing, further embarrassing themselves and accelerating the movements political demise.
Jacob Rieper at

National conversation on guns - This conversation and compromise is basically saying you guys will give up something, we're just going debate how much. No. We had that conversation and you lost. A better opener would be to repeal all gun laws then start over.

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