Sunday, January 6, 2013

Magazines and gunfights

Via Daughter Dixie


  1. Where did this magical ten rounds enter the dialogue?

    My rifle rig carries 356 rounds (28 per mag + 1 full), and I don't think it's enough.

    My concealed carry set consists of two firearms and 65 rounds. Although I recal an incident with two car loads of gangbangers after the King verdict I handled with a .25 Beretta.

    Anyways, it's about the Second Amendment, not a silly round count or type of firearm. It's about my God-given right.

    Yup, a good one :)


    1. We have a Natural Right to self-defense and to be left alone.

      "All we ask is to be left alone."

      --Jefferson Davis
      At hisInauguration