Thursday, January 17, 2013

Peshmerga women fighters

This first picture of the Peshmerga woman is one of my all-time favorites.  It has been in many mailings of mine.  Our royal leaders are alienating them and driving them into the Iranians arms.

It is painfully evident to me that there is no crime that Muslims can commit that will get this Administration's attention.  I guess the first part of that last sentence says it all.  Put a period after commit.  Their flunkies make statements but our Royal Rulers stay silent.  They are dedicated to disarming you and me but not any members of the Religion of Peace, no matter how many they kill.

We had the Turkish Kurds on our side but O and H have pulled away from them and left them to Iran.  The Peshmerga women fighters would have been our best friends in the ME.  

(Added, to Brock Townsend) I think H and O are threatened by real, strong, sexy women.  We're not, are we.


  1. Jeez what a question.
    Hell No! We love strong sexy women with guns.
    Can't think of anyone I'd rather embed with.

  2. I did not know of them. Thanks again to you and Horace. I read the wiki article and then refreshed myself on the Kurds at wiki. Very interesting.

  3. Somewhere I read that the motto of the Peshmerga women fighters is, "Better death on your feet than life on your knees."

  4. This is pathetic. The US has a proud tradition of ethnically cleansing the (predominantly Muslim-reactionary) Kurds. US aid to Turkey ceased when their major cleansing campaign ended in the late 90s. By this time, your romanticized Kurds had become deeply Marxist. Perhaps they saw that secular capitalism was bent on their extinction.

    US hatred of the Kurds was so extreme that they were willing to look away while Syria - traditionally an enemy of the US - helped to cleanse them. And we can't forget Iraq's famous gassings. The US provided economic and political cover for both Turkey and Iraq to offset their costs for the war. It was a cost-neutral ethnic cleansing, fully supported by the US.

    Despite this comprehensive history, children like you want to paint them as some kind of heroes for the US anti-Islam jihad. Instead, you come off as a self-hating clown. They are not your allies; like most of the native populations in the US, your own allies like Israel are founded on the pretext of their extermination. Get over it, have some pride in your violence, and get back to sucking off US slave traders.

    1. You are pathetic as it should be obvious that we are honoring fighters of whatever persuasion, not ideologies. I detested the VC and NVA in Vietnam, but I honor them as fighters.

    2. That's right: detest those who fight for self-determination, and honor anyone simply for fighting and killing people. Truly upholding the liberal Christian values of the Anglo-American world.

      Errata: "native populations in the US" should read "native populations in the Middle East."

      We probably agree on some things, though. Gun control is an infantile sideshow in a nation with serious public health issues that are being ignored, and account for far greater casualties. But this liberal idealism, the obsession over cultural traits, is sure to make people like you anachronistic. It isn't Islam that makes Muslims hate us: it is the comprehensive division, subjugation, subterfuge and cleansing of ME populations that make them detest Western regimes. If you're concerned about liberty, as they say, "there is room for everyone at the rendezvous of victory." But you're going to have to acknowledge what self-respect and liberty really are. In an occupied nation, they are fighting for your liberation. That is hardly detestable.

    3. This thread is about fighters, period. Either stay on the subject or go troll elsewhere.

      Harald Nugiseks