Thursday, January 10, 2013

"This update is current and may be shared as you see fit."


This is first hand intel, verified by one of my trusted unit members. I take it as gospel. You can take it however you like. He visited a local gun shop ( a regular stop, my unit frequents this shop) and the following event occurred. Some portions redacted for persec.

Report from SPC XXXXX: received 01/10/13, 14:00

"I was in a gun shop last night called XXXXXXXXXXXXX.  The one with the owner I was telling you about.( a patriot)   The Owner was talking to a man about 28-30 years of age who had his wife with him.  He was buying a gun for his wife.  I heard them talking but couldn't hear what hey were saying.  At one point their voices became very quiet but they continued to talk.   After the man and woman left, I talked to the owner about a XXXXXXXXX for a rifle.
He asked me if I saw the couple he was talking to and went on to explain that the husband was an Ohio State Patrolman for Gallia county.  The patrolman told the owner that he was at a State Police

meeting (Time frame unknown, but recent) in Columbus (OH)and they were asked by the State HQ how they felt about confiscating guns from citizens.  He also told the owner that TSA agents (or perhaps DHS?) had been to Gallia county earlier in the month (January) stating that there might be civil unrest and asked them (State Troopers), The County Sheriff, and local township law enforcement the same question.
The patrolman told the owner that he was in Columbus with 10 other patrolmen from the area.  He told the owner that he stated he wasn't willing to confiscate weapons and that if they came to his house he (the State Patrolman) 'would kill them'.  He stated the other 10 patrolmen conveyed the same message.

My unit member left and reported to me asap.We have elevated our alert level as a result.

Ohio Valley Minutemen


  1. This summer I was at my friends gun shop close to Fort XXXXX when a soldier came in to browse. After some friendly chatting the soldier told us that they were being asked about disarming American Citizens by the chain of command. This has been in the works for a while.

  2. No doubt. F*ckstains bill has been in the works for a year according to her. The full court propaganda press no doubt was pre prepared as well.Kinda makes me wonder just how they chose those particular kids....Plus, lets not forget all those hollow point ammo purchases by the DHS... Clearly been uh "Under the radar" dont you think??

  3. Thank`s for the info. , yeah we all know it`s coming. I think probably in March when they do their U N arm`s thing again. They will use this sham to justify their action`s. Also , they are going to move quickly , as speed and surprise are going to be mission critical.

  4. "Moving quickly, as speed and surprise are going to be mission critical"..... Yup!
    Their very own "Blitzkrieg".... (may even involve some outside support)
    Time is not on our side....

  5. I just saw this article today that states some local law enforcement agencies are critically low on ammo:

    Perhaps this was the real reason behind all of this madness, to get people to stampede the gun stores and purchase up everything to ensure local law enforcement agencies don't have the ammo required to side with civilians if a gun confiscation happens...while we all know that DHS has plenty of ammo.

  6. I've had a bookmark for Ohio Valley Minutemen for quite a while, but I'm puzzled that their blog has not been updated since April 7, 2011. I expected this alert to be on it, but it isn't. How do we know it's real? Yeah, I know I'm getting paranoid.

  7. Our blog is primarily for informational purposes. To help people find us. It was last UPDATED 12/13/12. We don't add alerts or opinion pieces so you cant trust blogger to get you and accurate date. You have to go check the front page. This alert is for real because Brock got it from me.