Friday, May 3, 2013

Communists vs Southern nationalists battle in Washington, DC

'Yes. Those are burn and boot marks. But guarded faithfully she was.' -Shane Long
‘Yes. Those are burn and boot marks. But guarded faithfully she was.’ -Shane Long

On 1 May 2013 a sizable group of actual communists (flying red flags and holding signs denouncing ‘sexism’ and chanting ‘the workers united will never be defeated’) rioted in Washington, DC. Their violent demonstration was protested in part by a handful of Southern nationalists with Confederate flags and other symbols. Shane Long, vice chairman of the Maryland League of the South, was present at the counter-protest and writes:
At 4:50 [in the first video below], you will see Scott Terry and I versus 400 communists, battling to take back the Confederate Flag and St George flag. Both flags were successfully saved from burning and reunited with us, with some force. The commie rally was forced to end after a few Southern Nationalists refused to stand down. Find the English flag, Southern Cross and the man in camo fighting for it. That’s me. I got the flags back, albeit with a bruised rib, torn pants and a burnt flag. The communist protest was ended by Secret Service after this incident. Side note: all Secret Service expressed some level of solidarity with our cause.
CNN reports on the riot:
In Washington on Wednesday, two May Day groups, with differing views, fought in Lafayette Park near the White House, police said.
The skirmish, between a group calling itself the White Student Union and another, the May Day Workers, escalated as combatants threw bags of urine and flag poles at each other.
One person was arrested, U.S. Park Police said.
“We were here to protest communism and to stand up for the blue collar working class. And then I got urine thrown on me,” said Matthew Heimbach, president of the White Student Union.
“So it shows really how tolerant these people are.”
John Zangas, who was with the May Day Workers, said people were offended by some of the statements from the White Student Union.
“I don’t even want to characterize them but they’re fairly bigoted,” said Zangas.
Heimbach, a frequent guest on the SNN podcast, writes:
Went to picket the Reds with WSU members. Commies threw a bottle of [urine] on me, spit on us, and attacked us. Our enemy is foul. No surrender.
Note: Click here for pictures of the battle with the communists. Picture number 8 shows Mr Long on the ground clutching the St George Flag which he has recovered from the enemy.
Also note: ‘In the Capital’ covers the story and twice mentions SNN in its article. Ironically though, it gives credit to ‘Think Progress’ for the picture it uses of Matthew Heimbach – an SNN picture.

Even more pictures and video: Raw Story has more video footage of the event which shows Heimbach and Long up close confronting the anti-White communists.

Warning: The Leftists use a lot of profane language and engage in violence in these videos. It is telling about the nature of the anti-Southern, anti-White enemy which we face today.

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