Sunday, May 5, 2013

Safetalker reports.........


 Well guys and gals this year's first NC PATCON is now becoming history. Those who attended will carry back to their groups and family a lot of memories, frost bite, and combat medical knowledge gained here. 

Wish you were there! The taste of the properly prepared North Carolina barbecue is still in our memories, clothes, and the beards of us few who brought one. The smells and textures of the inside of our sleeping bags will soon dissipate as those we left at home get them out into the garage or garbage as they feel is necessary for a return to home serenity.

The trick will be to re-learn the ability to sleep without the sounds of the great outdoors ( buzz saw soring, the incessant log trucks passing by on the road, and that darn Peacock who after three of these NCPATCONS has learned to move about and always scream from a different location every hour or so. Probably to protect itself from flying objects it can't identify or consume. Wish you were there.

The local county is still upset that AVORDVET didn't attend. They added three or four full time firemen for the period in case one of his 30 foot tall 200 yard camp fires got out of hand this year and, he stayed home. Well he can try again in the fall.

I want to thank Brock for risking his neighborhood reputation for sponsoring the NCPATCON and opening his ancestral home to this many known Home grown Patriots (errr... according to Big O and Eric (I lost those weapons in the garage) Holder "Terrorist"). Allowing this many people into the backyard in America usually gets you a warrant or a DHS Raid so lets all give Brock a big hand.

I look forward to the next PATCON. Come on down!

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