Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Generating and Managing Intelligence Requirements


Before we get into today’s post, I’d like to explain that I was recently turned away from a business because I was carrying a holstered firearm.  If you live in a state that protects your right to open and concealed carry, I’d just ask that you support the businesses that recognize your right, and publicize to your friends and family the businesses that deny you the opportunity to exercise that right.
ALSO: The Knoxville ICAC has a limited number of seats available.  Email if interested.

Intelligence requirements.

Discussions of intelligence collection should revolve around the understanding that all collection is directed.  That is, your ‘control’ – in this case, the Analysis and Control Element (ACE) that everyone should be building – directs your collection efforts through intelligence requirements.  These are requirements… you are required to answer them as a part of a grand strategy to analyze the threat or operating environment, or plan for future operations.  Requirements are generated from higher, almost always as part of the commander’s intent (protecting the populace while ridding the AO of gang elements, for example).  As an intelligence collector, you are a taskable element being tasked by the ACE.  Be intimately familiar with the ACE’s intelligence requirements so that you can answer them.

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