Friday, September 20, 2013

Martha Raye - The Vietnam Experience

Phu Loi 1967

 (Note: As far as I know Phu Loi

141 Pictures Of The Vietnam War
was the only place that I was exposed to Agent Orange. BT)

 Martha Raye


 Colonel Maggie – Nurse, Entertainer, and Honorary Green Beret

Almost everyone knows about all of Bob Hope’s trips to Vietnam. He would do his annual Christmas Shows for TV, which were recorded live at some of the safest bases in Vietnam, while surrounded by TV cameras, reporters and lots of tanks and protective armed troops. I was at his Christmas Day show back in 1966, just north of Saigon. I enjoyed it very much. It was one of a few good memories that I have of my Tour of Duty. But, meeting Martha Raye – better known to the troops, as Colonel Maggie – was the highlight event of the year for me.

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