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The original alert regarding this W-S City Council Meeting incorrectly stated the City Council meeting date as Oct. 16. The correct date is September 16.

This Winston-Salem City Council meeting will be held on
Monday, September 16 at 7:00 PM

We need to pack this meeting with people bearing signs and public displays that "Guns Save Lives" in order to deliver the message to the media that we aren't going away until Winston-Salem complies with the law.

The meeting will be held in the Council Chamber (Room 230), City Hall, 101 North Main Street. If you can make it, please contact GRNC coordinator Brian Reese at:

Please see below for all other alert details.


Concealed handgun supporters must be vigilant and fight local attempts to flout improvements to concealed carry!

As you recall, when GRNC successfully fought to pass concealed carry in state and municipal parks in 2011, some city governments opposed to the changes adopted ordinances with over-broad interpretations of what constitutes a "recreational facility" where they could still ban guns. Given that HB 937, which becomes law on Oct. 1, expands concealed carry into restaurants, campuses and into more areas of parks, you can expect more local government resistance.

The most egregious offender has been Winston-Salem, which effectively continues to ban guns on greenways, lakes and entire parks. In response, GRNC has taken two actions: First, our non-profit arm, Rights Watch International, filed a lawsuit against the city. Second, we went back to the legislature and successfully narrowed the definition of "recreational facility" such that local governments could no longer ban guns on athletic fields (except during organized events), or on playgrounds, greenways and walking trails, or open fields.

Winston-Salem stonewalls on lawsuit & continues to flout the law

In the Rights Watch lawsuit against Winston-Salem over its illegal parks ordinance, city lawyers are trying to stonewall on the discovery stage, refusing to provide the plaintiffs with:
  • The identity of each person involved in drafting the illegal Ordinance.
  • Documents written by the City and its employees relating to the City’s definition of: “playground, athletic facility, athletic field, and swimming pool” in the Ordinance.
  • Documents related to the research, development, drafting, and debate on the Ordinance.
  • Police reports for crimes occurring at the parks, greenways, lakes, picnic shelters, and recreational facilities in the past three years.
For a legal update on Winston-Salem's efforts to subvert your will, CLICK HERE or go to:

In its most recent and attempt to defy the will of voters, the Winston-Salem City Council is once again plotting to undermine our newly improved parks carry law. At the bottom of the alert is a hand-wringing letter from council member Molly Leight to her constituents, and then GRNC President Paul Valone's response.

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