Friday, November 8, 2013

Goodies from Ol' Remus


Johnathan Jarvis, Honcho, National Park Service
He is diligently and obediently, without protest as far as we know, carrying out the most obnoxious, detestable, and perhaps even illegal orders ever given a man in his position, exactly as if he was a swag-bellied, unqualified precinct captain dragged out of some Southside Chicago ward.
J. Dunn at
 The laws are effectively infinite. Even if one were to try to read through them, going without food or sleep around the clock, it would be a hopeless task because no sooner will he have finished 100 pages than a fresh delivery of another 200 pages will have already been added.
Daniel Greenfield at

Just when you thought the leadership of this government could not get any worse, it does. Never in history has an administration spawned another scandal to cover the current one.
Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady, Ret., via F. Maloof at 

From the memory hole

Source: Tyler Durden at

 First, a caveat. I am not going to waste our time making politically-correct genuflections after every controversial sentence, because this essay is intended to be read by mature and rational adults.
Matthew Bracken, The Bracken Anthology, Kindle Edition

 Stalin's purges of the Russian Army's commanders left the Soviet Union completely unprepared for the Nazi attack. And the US military is being shaped along the same lines into a political military overseen by men whose chief credential is that they share the same politics as the politicians whom they serve.
David Greenfield at, 2011

 [Instead of arresting illegal aliens, Capitol Police opened the National Mall to them, and only them, and even picked up their trash. Elsewhere they arrested veterans for being on the grounds of their own monuments - Remus] 

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