Wednesday, November 27, 2013




While We’re Out Christmas Shopping

Early next week, as the rest of us recover from our turkey-induced comas, see off our visiting relatives and munch on Thanksgiving leftovers, some Alamance County Commissioners are planning an activity that does not conjure an image of so much Americana. Unfortunately, it appears that a few of the commissioners (Manning, Massey & Smith) are still scheming to sneak an anti-gun ordinance through while their constituents are distracted by holiday travel and Christmas shopping. This is certainly not in the spirit of the holidays.

Last week, GRNC informed its supporters that the Alamance County Commissioners were considering an ordinance to enact a total gun ban in county buildings by banning open carry (concealed carry is already banned).  Unfortunately, after hearing from gun owners, rather than doing the right thing, some of the commissioners apparently continue to seriously consider a gun ban, and they are planning a vote on such an ordinance this Monday morning.

Give Thanks by Standing Up for Your Rights

There is no time more appropriate than Thanksgiving to reflect on the fact that we live in a place where our Natural rights are
recognized and protected. What better way to give thanks for being blessed in this way than to stand up for those rights? Please contact the County Commissioners and let them know that you will not tolerate an infringement on the gun rights of every citizen in Alamance County just because of the prejudices of a few.

Below you will find suggested text for an e-mail that you can send to the County Commissioners who are believed to still be supporting the gun ban. Use the copy-and-paste e-mail list provided to send them this critical message. Also, please attend the County Commission meeting this Monday morning. Details for the meeting are below as well.

If there was ever a time to send an e-mail, spread the word, attend a county meeting, and to not count on the “other guy” to stand up for your rights, this is it.


  1. I just finished reading Mathew Bracken's "Enemies Foreign and Domestic".
    Some of these gun grabbing politicians would do well to read it also.
    It might explain the issue to them in terms they haven't considered!

  2. this government is now irrelevant in my eyes, I don't see them as my government, this means their laws mean absolutely shit to me. Come get my guns if you think you can!!!

    1. Did you see the story about the militia leader that says he has constitutional authority to remove Obama using any means?

  3. I had always considered North Carolina to be a state where freedom was honored. Stories like this worry me that the liberals from states like New York or New Jersey are moving to North Carolina and other southern states and bringing their cancer progressivism.


    1. They certainly are. Fortunately they stay away from the country for the most part.

  4. In Colorado state law prevails. Denver tried a stunt like this and was shot down. It's called States Rights, not County, City, or Town rights. Go after them now.