Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So I had a loaded rifle pointed at me yesterday at the airport

Via WiscoDave

"The Only Ones."

Flying back to AUS from DEN yesterday, and dropping my declared carry gun off at the TSA scanning area. Scanning area is a set of double doors (both open) with a couple blueshirts and a CT scanner inside. In front of the double doors is a tensabarrier behind which they ask firearms owners to wait while they scan the bags.

It's hunting season in the mountain state and there's more guns being checked than I've ever seen. At least a dozen rifles in cases and guys with camo everything, standing around waiting for the okay to proceed.

TSA blueshirt comes over to tensabarrier and asks for "Bob Stevens". "Bob" comes forward and TSA proceeds to tell him that his rifle is loaded, they saw it on the CT scanner.

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