Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Unseen: Secure Your Privacy

Via Michael 


The Strongest Encryption on the Web with NO Backdoor

More Secure than Email and Skype 

Unseen is an easy to use secure communications system that replaces Skype and email and gets Big Brother out of your inbox. We use highly specialized network security and data encryption to protect your messages from your computer all the way to your recipient. Because we're based in Iceland, your data is protected by their exceptionally strong data privacy laws. 

Everything You Need for More Secure Communications

More @ Unseen 

If you purchase right now, during the beta period, we'll give you this service for LIFE for ONLY $49. This is a way to say thank you for helping us get off the ground. Order today because once this offer is over it's gone forever and people will have to pay the standard price of $49 per YEAR. This is a great deal for those with the foresight to take advantage of this offer. You should ORDER NOW!

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