Saturday, December 14, 2013

Another Islamic Supported, Tax Payer Funded Gulen Charter School Raided by FBI in Louisiana


This is the second Gulen charter school to come under investigation in Louisiana.

Will 60 Minutes’ Leslie Stahl do an update on her propaganda piece on global jihadist Fethullah Gulen and the Islamic Gulen schools?

In this news report, Gulenists are kneeling in Islamic prayer as FBI confiscates documents and hard drives. The reporter mentions school board member Johnson’s trips to Turkey and other fraud. Your tax payer dollars at work for trips to Turkey. Our money is supposed to be used to educate children, not to support the lobbying of Gulen and/or wired to Turkey.

More with video @ Freedom Outpost


  1. excuse me but....doesn't Obama's son attend this school? or was it him, I can't remember......