Wednesday, December 18, 2013

At 82, she's a 'big deer hunter'

Via The Lonely Libertarian

Violet Mears, 82, relies on a 60-year old sawed-off rifle to bring down deer.

Violet Mears can still bring home the bacon, or, in her case, the venison.

When she was 73, the housewife decided it was time to make a lifestyle change.

"I decided I had cooked enough meals and kept them hot for him all these years that one day I told him, 'You stay home. I'm goin' huntin.' Never been huntin' before," she said. So far she has bagged eight deer, one an 8-point buck. "I'm probably the oldest lady hunter on the Eastern Shore."

Every deer she has killed has been with one shot.

"For someone who has started so late in life deer hunting, she's done great," said her husband of 64 years, Otho "O.W." Mears. "She started off as a pro.

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