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"Wild animals, the scum of the earth, the primitives, had descended onto us, the very devil had his evil pleasure."

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Never Ending Sorrow, Never Ending Woe! 
Marianne Gieraths, Maiden Name: Kriesner aged 14 in March of 1945

Zoppot/Free City of Danzig Frantzius Strasse

Time: Evening on March 23, 1945

Place: World renowned Baltic Sea-side Resort Zoppot/Danzig

For several weeks had we been cooped-up in our Air-raid shelter in our house, several families, about 50 people, a variety of neighbors from across the street, or even those from further afield had kept us company because they did not have any other shelter, any adequate protection, sleeping facilities, electricity, food or water in their own homes.

Life was not easy for the many women, children and young girls in the last few chaotic months, as they had to cope with ever worsening war-situation on their own, with no fit and able men around to help, comfort and assist us.

The cruel war had claimed them and so we felt very vulnerable as we were facing the immediate danger of Soviet-Russian invasion. The daily air raids and ever closer and louder rumble of the Russian war-machine, bombarding us.

Gruesome stories we had heard about the Communists, how they had behaved towards hapless refugees from East-Prussia.

A never ending stream of those hundreds of thousands of panic stricken, unfortunate people had poured into the territory of the Free City of Danzig, now under German military rule.

The Germans had warned us about the cruelty of the Red Army ever since the little village of Nemmersdorf in East-Prussia had changed hands several times in the autumn of 1944. When Nemmersdorf was finally recaptured before Christmas of 1944, there was more than ample evidence of the bestiality of the Soviets. They had nailed, in crucified fashion, innocent children and women to barn-doors and the like, had ripped their guts out and evidently had committed all kinds of other atrocities, had not only raped but had committed bestial acts of sodomy on all of the victims. The peasant male inhabitants of that tiny village in particular had received most cruel, unspeakable treatment from the Soviets, none of them had survived, and as to children and infants, they had their heads smashed in against brick walls, etc.

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  1. And some (a few) like to romanticize about us going there. They are the ones who have never seen such. Some think that by holing up, in enclaves, they can protect themselves from such hideousness, when in reality their best efforts will be made while on the offensive. No one escapes untouched. This is a stark reminder of what we may yet face. On our own soil. I do not look forward to it.

  2. Well said and neither do I, but it shall come. Gird your loins.

  3. Then offence it will be. I have given my community (small as it is) the ability to survive but know that to hole up is to die. I don't like Alamo's.

    1. I have given my community (small as it is) the ability to survive

      Good man.