Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Maryland considers confiscating guns from 110k residents

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 Reuters / Sukree Sukplang

Seems just fine with me as we know for sure this would never be abused.........

More than 100,000 individuals in Maryland could become disqualified from owning their registered gun under a bill currently under consideration by state lawmakers.

According to the Associated Press, the Maryland House of Delegates is debating a proposal that would link the state’s gun and criminal registries, enabling law enforcement officials to more effectively seize firearms in the possession of those convicted of felonies or violent crimes.

Under Maryland law, anyone convicted of such crimes is required to relinquish their firearms. However, the chief sponsor of the proposed bill, Delegate Luiz Simmons (D-Montgomery Couny), said the law is incapable of truly being enforced if police cannot use their database to pinpoint the individuals in question.

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  1. Just how many felons HSS committed mass murder ????
    Uh none, I can't think of one in the last 25 years, its kids on skitzo drugs, or were on skitzo drugs. With the way laws are on top of laws now, how long before you're a felon for something you did daily 20 years ago...????

  2. Since when the the LEO's worry about storming into the wrong house?

  3. Some of my extended family from MD are here visiting. They are older and don't have a clue about guns of any sort as they were city raised. However, they were telling about their neighbor. I don't really know the guy but in passing he seems like a
    good fellow, he owns a small business and is always busy. Seems to be no non-sense. He's owned the house next to my family for about 5 years or so.

    All of a sudden he packed his family up and moved to SC. The house is sitting empty
    and so far does not even have a for sale sign on it. He told my family he was getting out while he could. They had no idea what he meant. I think I do!