Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tactical Machining May Have (Accidentally) Explained A Problem With The ATF Raid On Ares Armor

 Clear EP Armory 80% Lower Receiver (via Facebook)
Tactical Machining has a determination from the ATF stating that our 80% receivers are not firearms. Make sure the manufacturer of your 80% lower has a determination from the ATF or you could end up in the same boat.

Tactical Machining has been in the 80% receiver business since 2008, and have AR-10, AR-15, and 10/22 receivers as well as a 1911 frame on the market. From what I’ve heard of the company they have a good reputation for quality, and the denizens of various forums seem to think they are the are some of the good guys in the business.

Monday night, they took to Facebook to try to explain why they think the Ares Armor raid occurred:
In regards to the 80% fiasco at Ares Armor, the legality of 80% receivers, and how you can avoid the ATF knocking on your door for buying an “80% receiver” instead of an 80% receiver.

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