Wednesday, April 9, 2014

House Ways and Means Committee Votes to Refer Lois Lerner For Criminal Charges


The House Ways and Means Committee has voted to 23-14 along party lines to refer former head of tax exempt groups at the IRS Lois Lerner to the Justice Department for prosecution. Although the details about exactly what charges will be have not yet been released, lawmakers are arguing Lerner has not been truthful with Congress or the IRS inspector general and leaked confidential tax information.

Last time a referral like this happened, it was to Major League Baseball player Roger Clemens, who was pursued by the Department of Justice for lying to Congress but was exonerated in court.

This is a test for the Department of Justice and the Obama administration. What's more important?

Baseball and steroids? Or the most powerful federal agency abusing its power to target innocent conservative groups?

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  1. I never understood what business it was of Congress to worry about baseball & steroids while ROME continues to burn. It can't help Lerner much with all the publicity coming out of Dallas about that IRS office. These traitors are really honking me off and making me think very evil thoughts. Is this the House Committee that Issa and Gowdy sit on? Time to Man UP and sock it to Lerner, and then do it to Holder, and keep it going on up the food chain to Soetoro, Clinton, Rice, and on and on and on.

    1. This administration makes Grant's look lily white.

  2. she will not be prosecuted. only the committee members who voted to prosecute her will be prosecuted!

  3. Since Emperor Obama and his court now alone decides which laws to enforce and which ignore I am betting this is one law that will be ignored. All Hail Obama, All Hail Obama, All Hail Obama Lord of Amerika.