Tuesday, May 6, 2014

PATCON Weekend: Imminent


A few days from now many of us will be in North Carolina at Brock's spring PatCon.  On Friday it looks like we'll have at least a dozen for the CQB class, many of whom are returning alumni.  We'll run the Fight to your Weapon class so new students will get the full experience.  Returning students will be able to run faster this time, and a bit harder.  You'll also get to be a big part of helping the new students master the techniques.  We'll sprinkle a few new techniques into the mix, some Krav from two of our III 300 Patriots, and a few fundamental groundfighting techniques to add to your skillset.


  1. Will be there Thurs afternoon/early evening

  2. Rayciss domesticated terrorists!

    Damn. Wish I could be there. :(

    Good luck and have fun, Brock. Say hello to all the haters for me. Maybe see you for the fall edition....