Thursday, May 1, 2014

Selecting the Right Survival Knife


In most survival situations, a good knife can make a huge difference. Some of us remember the “Rambo” knives with hollowed out handles and small survival kits inside. The cheap ones were as sharp as  spoons and fell apart quickly. This is obviously not something you want to happen when your life depends on it.

Selecting the right knife is a matter of personal preference, availability and your budget. Good knives don’t have to be expensive.

Today survival knives come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but one thing never changed. It is an essential tool to baton wood, process meat, help to build shelters, modify your gear or even use the butt end as a hammer. A survival knife is a workhorse so most of the time people look for very sturdy fixed blades knives that can handle everything you throw at it.

We asked our community what knife they would take if they could choose only one and here are the results.


  1. I tend to be more of a tradationalist.. I favor the advise of Kephart and Sears (Nessmuck) when it comes to knives and hatchets. See "Camping and Woodcraft" by Kephart and "Woodcraft" by Sears. (the latter is available online for free). I seriously doubt I will ever be in a knife fight of be called to fix bayonets. Just too darn old.
    Both of those books worth the read. And read the history of the authors also.
    Having said all that, I carry a Microtech OTF also. But in the woods...

  2. The best knife on earth is the one you have when TSHTF. I think that the old ones still work well , so that's what I carry, Made in the USA back when we were still a nation of factories and craftsmen. I like my old Robeson Shuredge USN Mk2 or any of my Cammillus M-3s or pocket knives All made in the USA before 1960. I'll plug my Western W49 , My 1917 plumb , or my hand made British "Jungle Bolo" that may have the best steel I have ever seen in a blade (its a 17 inch 2lb RAZOR) I have blades from 1835 to now . What to carry WTSHTF? whatever is on my belt that day.

  3. Ok, knives are like firearms,can you have too many of it? NO! For what it is worth, I have a Buck Folder, model 110. I bought back in the mid 70's so I've had it for over 37 years. Sure there are better folders to be had, but it does what it is supose to do; cut things. Wear a black belt, black pants, that black leather carrying case stays low profile, just the way I like it. A lot of history in that blade, been around the world with it.
    I work in an office with a bunch of liberal chicks, for whom if you have any thing on you that is a weapon. It is a pain in the ass. Honies, if I have to explain why, you will never understand. If you do understand, no explanation is needed.

    1. if I have to explain why, you will never understand. If you do understand, no explanation is needed

      Right on.