Friday, June 27, 2014

Judge speculates on ATF jealousy, perjury, potential criminality in Dobyns suit

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 "No Angel” Dobyns with attorney Jim Reed.

A transcript of the closing arguments of his case reveal presiding federal judge Francis M. Allegra has severe concerns about the conduct of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives witness testimony, former agent Jay Dobyns shared Wednesday on the CleanUpATF website.

“[Director B. Todd] Jones, [Deputy Director Thomas E.] Brandon and [Assistant Director (Field Operations) Ronald] Turk need to prepare to terminate some of their buddies when the judge rules,” Dobyns noted in a forum on the website established by whistleblowers opposed to agency waste, abuse, corruption and fraud. “The judge states that not only is the perjury of government witnesses a concern to him but additionally, ATF employees may have acted criminally.

“Jones and Brandon could have done something about this,” he asserted. “They were in a perfect position to lead and be heroes to the field. They decided it was best to just not do anything. They feel leadership is covering for their inner circle.”

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