Friday, July 11, 2014

Slaughtering and Butchering a Cow

Via Cousin John

Slaughter Cow

We slaughter a cow that we raised with dignity and care to provide meat for our family. Nothing tastes as good as eating our own beef that we raised ourselves. We know that we are eating meat that came from a healthy cow who was grass fed and was not injected with growth hormones. The beef is processed in a sanitary environment and cut and packaged to our own specifications and needs. We feel that we are giving our family the healthiest meat possible. We feel self-sufficient in providing for the needs of our family.

Slaughtering the Cow

Here in our corner of the woods in Texas it has been a cold fall and winter. We are getting ready to slaughter a steer during this cold period. This steer is 20 months old. In the past we have slaughtered both steers and heifers, depending on what is available during the slaughter time of the year. As we prepare for this year’s beef butchering, let me share with you last year’s beef butchering process. Last year we slaughtered a cow that was an 18-month heifer. We estimate that she weighed about 900 pounds at slaughter time.

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I used to sell Grit when it was a weekly newspaper.  Could be me in front of Bew's Drugstore in Marshall, Virginia :)

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