Saturday, August 30, 2014

NC: GRNC Alert 8-30-14 Michael Bloomberg is Buying Lunch!


The Michael Bloomberg-funded "Moms Demand Everytown For Responsible Subservience" (or whatever they call themselves this week) is buying lunch on Sunday!

A group of freedom-hating astroturfers will be grilling up some lunch at 1 p.m. on Sunday at Rupert Bell Park (1501 Mount Zion Place, Winston-Salem, NC). As Michael Bloomberg knows, there will always be people that can be "bought", even if it is with some hamburgers and hot dogs.

If you're around on Sunday and looking for something to do, why not stop by, have lunch on Bloomie, and check out what the enemies are up to at their own expense?


  1. Given the mosquito bite effect on Bloomberg of a few freedom lovers costing him lunch, I weigh against that the fact that Rupert Bell Park, just off Martin Luther King Blvd in east Winston-Salem, might not be the most 'welcoming' environment for even the most polite advocate of individual liberty. I prefer not to beard that particular lion in that particular den these days.

  2. My thoughts exactly every 2nd Amendment supporter for 100 miles should show up and spend his money.


    1. Put on some 60's radical clothing and eat away. :)