Thursday, August 21, 2014

Perpetuating the Narrative

 Perpetuating the Narrative

Facts are easily discarded when they get in the way of an appealing narrative.

It is now beyond a shadow of a doubt that the media narrative behind the shooting of Michael Brown is completely false. Brown was no gentle giant, honor student; he did not get attacked out of the blue; he was not surrendering; and he did not die without good reason. But the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, continue unabated and the demands for the indictment of Officer Darren Wilson rise with them.

The media still reports on the rioters as justified protesters fighting against oppression and the wrongful death of a Black martyr. What they are really demonstrating for is an intimidatingly-sized criminal with an incredibly low amount of impulse control and a box of stolen cigars. Their calls for the prosecution of the police officer who shot Brown amounts to a demand that Blacks have the right to steal and attack police without repercussions. Because slavery and Jim Crow, of course.

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  1. "Black outrage porn"
    I'll be using that.

  2. Yes and I thought that was rather good. :)

  3. Now that "they"have ruined Darren Wilson's life for just doing his job with excellence.
    Brown ruined his own life; megalomania. Thought he could just run-over
    everybody in his way. Dorian was probably his slave.