Sunday, August 17, 2014

Why Did “Democrat” Governor Of Missouri Put Captain Ron Johnson In Charge of Ferguson, Missouri?

Via Susan

Captain ron johnson marching with the bloods 
Yes, it’s a little troubling to see the Captain of the Highway Patrol walking shoulder to shoulder with the notorious “Bloods” street gang.

A disturbing series of events is surfacing.   During the Trayvon Martin narrative in 2012 one of the challenges for the concentric circle of manipulators who sought to construct a false dynamic, intention and motive for George Zimmerman was the facts running counter to their chosen narrative. 
Anyone who focused on facts needed to be removed in order for the narrative to advance.

Toward that end in Sanford Florida (2012) the Police Chief, Bill Lee, was removed from authority; then the local prosecutor, Norm Wolfinger, was removed; eventually the local lead Detective, Chris Serino, was removed and replaced with State investigators working for the new “special prosecutor” Angela Corey.

When you are constructing a ruse -based on faulty and imperfect details- control becomes the primary factor.  Everything must be controlled.

In 2012 anything not specifically controlled by those who are shaping events is considered a “risk”.

That “risk” is why a Grand Jury was never used in the Zimmerman case.  The facts and the grand jury were a risk because they specifically ran counter to the claims being advanced.   That’s also why you never saw the results of the FBI investigation into the Zimmerman case – because that investigation showed there was ZERO substance to the claims being made.

It would be entirely possible to write a book on all of the legal and political maneuvers made in 2012, 2013 just to avoid the facts of the Zimmerman case reaching sunlight.

In order to understand what’s going on in 2014 I STRONGLY would recommend you look back to very specific events early in the construction of the Trayvon narrative and contrast those events against what’s happening today:


  1. Did y'all see the lovely street memorial for the dearly departed - would have made Trayvon proud:

  2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says "The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race"

  3. If you haven't seen it, find the video of Capn' Ron standing up in some mega church and apologizing for what has happened in Ferguson. The mentality of him and the congregation is mind boggling. He is apologizing for something which was completely out of his control and the entire flock is "amening" and nodding, etc. Based on the eyewitness phone call he young man died because he tried to take a cops gun, ran away and was stupid enough to charge a cop who was yelling freeze with a drawn gun in his hand. Captain Ron could have apologized for big Mike robbing the tiny Asian fellow of his cigars and getting rough with him. He could have apologized for big Mike walking down the middle of the street being all gangsta. I don't know why Captain Ron didn't apologize for the looters or the stores not having more liquor, shoes, clothes, etc. for the looters to steal. It would have made just as about as much sense as his babbling rant before the congregation.

  4. @Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says "The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race"

    Read the Zman's: A very tall moron.

  5. Wheres his badge? Ashamed of it? More pandering to the thug culture. I think they are mostly po'd because the surveilance video exposed the truth taking away any legitimate reason to raise hell. So they will keep raising hell now because they are mad because all the world knows big mike was nothing more than a big bully and thug.

    1. Wheres his badge?

      I thought there was something wrong looking at him, but missed it. Thanks.

    2. Ive seen a few photos where none of the uniformed officers are without badges. No pride, dont want to offend the bad guys.

  6. this isn't and never was about the gunning down of some thug in the street.

    agitators have taken over and are fomenting chaos.

    1. agitators have taken over and are fomenting chaos.

      Courtesy of the marxist-in-chief.

    2. 11:21 is correct. Makes you wonder how many "militant" groups have come from all over to spew their hateful thug mentality rhetoric in hopes of recruting young gangsters to their cause. And yes Im talking about the black panthers.