Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Unearthed footage of the fall of Saigon shows desperate father throwing his wife and children onto U.S. ship - then jumping out as he ditched helicopter

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 Hovering: The pilot, seen above in the leftmost window, tailed U.S. choppers to make it to the USS Kirk, where he threw his family to safety because his Chinook was too large to land on the deck

This isn't new at all, but worth a re-post.  The pilot that landed his family on board in his Bird Dog is a good one also.


A heroic Vietnamese helicopter pilot saved his family - and cheated death - by hurling his wife children onto a fleeing U.S. warship during the Fall of Saigon, then leaping into the sea as the aircraft plunged into the waters behind him.

New footage has emerged showing his daring escape as the U.S.military withdrew from Vietnam in the face of advancing communist forces.

The pilot was one of several Vietnamese helicopter pilots who piled in during the United States' evacuation of all its personnel in Vietnam in April 1970.

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