Tuesday, October 7, 2014

AAR - 6th NC PATCON October 1st - 6th 2014

Eric informed me that the second weekend in May next year is Mother's Day weekend, so we will schedule the 7th NC PATCON for the third weekend: May 13 - 18 2015


6th NC PATCON October 1st - 6th 2014

I showed up Saturday morning for PATCON #6, along with two dozen other patriots. Brock and Dixie had everything organized (as always), from the good food right on down to perfect weather. A smaller group changed the dynamics, with more audience participation. It was an all-day roundtable, with good information flying back and forth, so I missed some names, etc.

The day started out with author Jim Hicks, author of the "Seasons of War" novels, which explore various scenarios which are likely AFTER a total collapse. Then, the guys from Alamance County Rangers showed us a radio message repeater for secure comms, discussed antenna modifications for extended range on hand-held radios, and offered to do some future training sessions.

The highlight for me was the Q&A session on Ebola. A medical professional gave us a clear, concise technical assessment of the risks and counter-measures, along with a lot of interaction, and interrupted once by FOOD! (priorities, right?) Good job!

Peter White then talked about ten things he needs to improve on, and encouraged us to do our own self-assessments. We finished with a productive discussion on future PATCONs, training proposals, and the raffle. The PA contingent made another good showing, but a local first-timer hit the big time, taking home (a temporary picture of) the 1911 and a brick of 223 ammo.

Sam - sorry you and Holly couldn't make it down. You were missed, plus I had planned to make field measurements on the TOC. If you can provide info on the make (Thomas or . . .?) and model, interior and undercarriage frame dimensions, etc., I can add to it with some on-line research and generate some basic plans.

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  1. Saw this by Saftetalker on A&M:

    Ebola is a virus that is carried by the African Fruit Bat. The bats don't die because the have adapted to this Virus like we have adapted to Candida. No Virus is supposed to kill it's host. It kills humans because our immune system has not adapted to it.

    In the jungle the Fruit Bats hang upside down in the day time where the Monkeys attack them for food. They bite the Monkeys who over the years have become acclimated to the virus. This would normally make the people relatively immune to Ebola unless they were bitten by a Monkey or a Fruit Bat.

    Enter greed!

    The natives of Africa and South America (regis virus's) have been systematically pushed off their land as greedy leaders sold or leased their land to International Corporations to grow crops, or mine gold, or drill for oil. This made the rural natives become mostly nomadic and pushed them into areas where they couldn't farm.

    Instead they spend their days searching for food. Their food line is normally 3 to 4 days reserve. They also suffer from malaria that keeps many weak from lack of water, and diarrhea . Compliments of the UN. ban on DDT.

    When they get near a monkey who is on the ground it becomes "bush meat". Because by UN order they can not legally hunt the "Endangered species" to feed their families.

    It is hard to cook a monkey throughly in a hurry. They usually spit them at night, and have to destroy the evidence of the Protective Species violation quickly before they get arrested, shot, or beaten. The partially cooked meat is shared throughout the village.

    Thus the virus is passed into their bodies and they are infected. Their death rate is caused by lack of sanitation, and fresh water. Then add the religious tribal requirement that the body must be cleaned, oiled, and wrapped in traditional death garb to go to their rewards. The servicer's will be family, clerics, and village religious leaders. These will all touch the fluids of the inner, and outer body and be carriers if not also infected.

    The briefing at NCPATCOM made it evident that DISTANCE and OXYGEN was the two best defenses against Ebola, or for that matter any virus. They recommended the use of chlorine as an Oxidation agent. They mentioned using POOL shock Chlorine as the best way to clean. It is missing the safety chemicals in public sale (Clorox beach)to keep people from burning their skin, but also protects the Virus.

    The Federal Maniacs and their Elected Felon coconspirators are playing this Ebola loud and long, but we have had over 26 deaths from a respiratory virus brought here by Obama's 45,000 kid US Citizen Replacements corps.

    The problem there is these kids consider this virus as we do a cold. It comes, and goes every year back home, where their bodies auto immune system has anti bodies, but our kids do not. Like the Monkeys.

    Same enemy VIRUS thus same remedy.

    Hot salty soup for water retention, clean with Chlorine shock, build up the immune system, STAY AWAY FROM SICK FOLKS. The hospital's Standards of Care though require that they blast the patient with mega doses of ANTI-Bodies. This kills immune system anti bodies as it fights the virus. Like sniping in a crowd with a grenade launcher. Effective, but a lot of collateral damage.


  2. I want to reiterate what I have already said. THANK YOU Brock for having us out to your place. The day couldn't have been better, both the weather and the company. I really enjoyed the food, the discussion, and most of all the camaraderie.

    I WILL enjoy both the ammo and the 1911. I can't wait to get out on the range....

    I have the next PATCON on the calender and look forward to it.

    Thanks again to both you and Dixie for having us all out to DIXIELAND....

    1. Thank you, Sir for the kind words and we too enjoyed your company and hope the spring one will be even better. One thing for sure, Dixieland, so far, has had an unbelievable record of no rain for PATCONS, Family Reunions and Dixe's birthdays over 12 years, though that is sure to end since I just mentioned it..........:)

  3. Brock, thanks again from myself and the Alamance Rangers for your and Dixie's hospitality and making the 6th NC PatCon a memorable experience. Even though attendance was low, it made for a great day of information and feedback. I saw some old friends and met a few new ones. And as P.A.P. said above, some fantastic camaraderie! Even though "SOME" people were born with a Golden horseshoe...lol. Congrats to all that won the prizes but we all were winners!! Looking forward to the 7th PatCon (that is, if the SHTF doesn't happen before then).

    Eric Albright
    Alamance County Rangers

    1. You are more than welcome and look forward to seeing you and Ethan in the spring where we'll try and have only logs to burn this time. :)

  4. You have to admit, it looked a lot better Sunday morning :)