Friday, October 31, 2014

CA: Parents Pull Son from Class Because School Is Teaching Islam

Via LH

Parents of a boy enrolled in Manhattan Beach Middle School are pulling their son out of class because the school is teaching children the tents of Islam, Los Angeles news station KTLA reports.

The father said, “The audacity of this school, to think that they can sit these children down and teach ’em whatever religion they please; it’s preposterous. This is illegal, basically. You can’t teach religion in schools any more, but apparently, in this particular school, at least, that’s not the case.”

Parents said they discovered that what their children were learning about Islam was more about the tenets of the faith than the history of the religion, according to KTLA.  One question asked the students to write down teachings from the Koran.

The father continued, “What I saw written in these bubbles was, ‘The one true God, Allah’ in one of the bubbles. In one of the other bubbles was ‘All people must submit to Allah,’ in another bubble. The I turned the page over and I see the five pillars of Islam.”

The parents assert that the students should be taught the history behind the religions, whether it is Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, or others, but not the tenets of the faith.

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  1. We have a Muslim in the White House along with what Chuck Hagel Secretary of Defense, John Brennan Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and how many others. Is it any wonder they now think they can teach Islam in the public schools? God forbid we say the word Christmas in a school but teaching the Quran is perfectly fine.


    1. :) Logic isn't a collectivist's strong point.

    2. Wait a second -- Chuck Hagel is a secret Muslim, too? How was this found out, and where and when was it disclosed?

    3. All I see are articles from 2013 suspecting him of such, nothing more. Thanks and I always enjoy your pieces.

  2. The five tenets of Islam:
    *kill the infidel
    * kill the infidel by shooting him/her in the head
    *kill the infidel by cutting off his/her head
    *kill the infidel by shooting, and cutting off his/her head
    *rape infidel's goat, but do not kill it (may become future wife)

    1. *rape infidel's goat, but do not kill it (may become future wife)

      Good one! :)

  3. Same thing was happening in a Maryland High School recently also. Want to bet it is part of Common-unist core, and sent directly from the Department of Education...? These people really are beginning to piss me off.
    Jesse in DC

  4. All I can think to say is every filthy nasty cuss word known to man. Fire the whole damb school board. God isnt allowed in our schools but allah is? What to frog!!!???. Im so PO'd right now I cant think straight. Going to the bathroom now to take a big obama and then wipe my clinton and go to bed! ;(

  5. The Board of Education is nothing but a tool of indoctrination and should be
    gotten rid of. Not needed and purposefully implementing communism.
    Hagel is nothing but a coward and will go along with anything. And to think
    I felt sorry for him. Muslims should have died-off during the Dark Ages.

  6. Because there was so much criticism and blow-back, esp. by the tribe on his nomination. He did not seem to be a threat to the US & other sovereign
    countries. Just another puppet.